Over the Jet Lag

G’day Mates,

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Here I am with an update from the land down under! Which is actually probably nothing like you imagined it would be. There’s no outback and there’s no beach (without travel), but there’s tons of beauty and rich international culture. We are now 2 weeks in, and I’m sorry that I have had little time or access to update here because I have so much to share.

Here we are in Brisbane! We landed at 6:00am 2 weeks ago and hit the ground running. Knowing that we needed to adjust to the 15 hour time change, the staff here took us on a tour of the city as we half heartedly explored in a weird mix of adrenaline and exhaustion. Such a fun memory, and it only got better from there!


Week One: A different kind of Culture Shock

After a full week, the jet lag finally passed. Here in Aussie, the universities started classes again this week! We are currently in the middle of their winter season, so they have been on holiday for the past couple of weeks.

Because the uni was not in session, only a handful of students were present in Brisbane so our ministry looked a little differently. We spent a lot of time in training with the staff that have been working here at the University of Queensland for the past several years. The culture shock between Australia and the States was more significant than I had expected it to be! There are an abundance of differences in lifestyles, perspectives, language, food choices, relationships, beliefs, and just plain cultural understandings.

So our first week was spent learning; How to relate to Aussies, the difficult culture for Christians, the antagonistic perspective of many towards religion, the lifestyle of continuous parties and cultural perspectives toward things that are socially taboo in the U.S. but are obvious and open to the Aussies.

Our ministry also involved outreach to the community beyond the University. We spent some time teaching English to internationals and babysitting for Mom’s to participate in Bible Study. We also served for the international mission organization that is sending out missionaries across the world as they hosted events and dinners.

Our deepest relationships have developed from time spent with the local church and with the staff at Uni Impact. We have gotten quality time with them and have been privileged to be able to invest in each other’s lives. This is such an important part of what we are doing because the obstacles that we are facing and the prayers we are praying are all new to us, but this is the staff’s everyday. This will be hard for us for a month, but they will be here long after we’re gone. One of the biggest prayers of my time here is that we will be able to serve them significantly and encourage them greatly.

American Tourists

We also got the chance to be tourists in that first week while we tried to hold our eyes open. We visited Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, where we held koalas, fed kangaroos, and watched a sheep herder do his thing.

IMG_5268 IMG_5192 IMG_5206 IMG_5191

One of the Uni students also got us a great deal on tickets to a professional Rugby game, which in and of itself was a big culture shock! And this was a strategic move for our team, particularly the boys, because once you know a little something about the game, you have an instant conversation starter with the Aussies. A common ground between our interests and theirs. A way to get to know a student on a level that may lead to something deeper.

First of all, Rugby is great.  There is no stopping after each play, the game just keeps going. But what was surprising was the energy of the crowd.

We were privileged to experience what one of our friends told us was the best rugby game in years. It was the 80th minute, and the Wallabies were about to lose the game. Until at the very last second, after the clock had run out, they scored an unexpected Try and won the game!

My american friends and I were jumping and cheering, only to pause and realize that everyone else had seemed to move on. We walked back to the train in a calm crowd, dabbled with one or two excited fans here and there.

I asked one of our Aussie friends if this was normal, and he explained that everyone around us was pumped! They just keep it all inside, no need to be prideful about the win. One guy had actually been shut down by a security guard when he tried to initiate ‘the wave’ in the stands.

I couldn’t help but compare the experience to an American football game, like LSU or Bama. And remember that we weren’t at home, but could probably learn a thing or two from the humility and consideration the Aussies lived in.

Much to Learn

At the end of the week, I found that my biggest realization was that I have much to learn. So much to learn about my perspectives of the world and of faith, and simply life and lifestyle.

We came here with a perspective of what we have to offer. Believing that the way we do things must be right, because ‘Merica. Only to be immediately humbled by the realization that the Australians and their culture have so much to teach us. So I’ve been storing up in my mind the things I want to stay with me even after I leave the continent. But that’s for another blog post, stay tuned…

Thank you all so much for your continued interest and support! I will try my hardest to get some more updates out soon! Be on the lookout for prayer requests and more info about our ministry that has followed since that first week! Thankful for you all!


Underneath the Tapestry


I was recently reading a devotional about the will of God that really struck me. It described the events of Ruth’s life. The author remarked:

Because we see Ruth’s story with the perspective of thousands of years, it seems to be all tied up with a pretty bow. But it didn’t feel that way to Ruth. After her husband died, her life looked like a chopped down tree: all stump and going nowhere.

But God took that stump and gave it new branches, and that family tree became the line of the Messiah. When we look at Ruth’s children and their children, we can trace the line of David and of Christ. It is the greatest honor. This is the story God was penning all along, from the beginning of the book. It is His perfect design!

Oh, how I identify with that feeling Ruth must have had at times. All of these events in our lives occurring haphazardly, without any indication of where all of this is going.

It can be frustrating and scary. Because we are not omniscient, we fail to see the purpose and necessity of so many events in our lives. We walk blindly. And at times we allow doubt to overtake our faith.

It is like the tapestry. We often see the piece in it’s finished form. We get the privilege of seeing the whole, big, beautiful design. But we fail to recognize all of the work that must go into the tapestry before it can fulfill it’s purpose. We don’t look underneath to see all the crossed threads and mess of colors. We don’t see the process, we see the outcome.

I think often we expect the finished tapestry in our lives when our human perspective does not have the capacity to see what God is doing.

But God is slowly working. He is weaving together every thread.

What might seem random or unrelated is intricately woven into a more beautiful pattern than we could have imagined for ourselves.

The truth is, we might never see the tapestry from an aerial view. On earth, we may always see the messy underside of a work-in-progress. Sometimes our life is only one section of a much larger tapestry being woven together for God’s eternal purpose. Such is the case with Ruth in the lineage of Jesus.

But sometimes we receive little glimpses and sections of the tapestry, as a gift.

Like a random prayer for a continent you hadn’t given much thought to before, attending a conference and ending up on an e-mail list for missionaries you’ve never met before, having a conversation with a friend who has discipled you for years, and eventually being asked and called to missions on that continent.

Seemingly un-related events. All kinds of messy threads and loose ends with no clear resolution. Inability to see the finished product. But stepping out in faith, with the knowledge that God can see it all. He is weaving. He is creating. He working a purpose.

We need only follow each thread where it takes us next.


Friends, this trip is full of unknowns and trust exercises for me. It is a thread I am following for God’s greater purpose. Part of my blindness is trusting God for provision! I am exactly 2 weeks away from boarding a plane to Aussie- and I am only $1,200 short of being fully funded! If you are interested in  prayerfully considering if God is leading you to play a role in financially supporting this ministry, you can click here for more information.

 Thank you so much for your faith and consideration!

Unknowns & Opportunities

I cannot believe it’s been four whole years.

It’s unimaginable to me that just a couple of weeks ago, I became a college graduate. There I stood, diploma in hand, staring into an unknown future.


I’ve often thought I should be more scared. I should have a little bit more anxiety over the fact that I have no clue what life will look like in 4 more years.

But all it takes is a small reflection on the last 4 to know that I need not worry, because my God will carry me.

The pre-college Rachel would never recognize the me of today. It is by grace alone that God ordained the steps of my life to include Samford University (and all that it has entailed) before I ever knew a real relationship with Him.

Eighteen year old me was dead in sin, although I didn’t know it. Yet God extended mercy on me and allowed me to experience the most transformational years of my life.

However, never did the choice to follow Christ mean choosing the easy road. It seemed that it wasn’t until after I chose to pursue my relationship with Jesus that I experienced real loss, grief, trial, and pain. Obviously I had faced challenges before, but never in the same way that I have in the past 4 years. It was here that I was first brought to my knees in acknowledgement that I could not handle what was before me, but that I was in desperate need of the peace and strength of a Savior much more capable than I.

However, it is also here that I received challenging community, deep & intimate friendship, an understanding of myself, my personality, weaknesses & strengths, knowledge of my gifts and callings, intentional discipleship, an eternal perspective and an endless list of blessings.

There has been a lot of sin- matched by an unimaginable amount of grace.


And now I cling to His gift of inexplicable peace. It is due to this peace that I know there is so much to look forward to.

My best years are not behind me, because God has been faithful to provide purpose and calling on my life that gives me hope and joy for the days to come.

Just in the same way that 18 year old me started a life in Birmingham with no grasp of the overflow of grace I would receive, here I stand again.

I have cherished this chapter more than I ever imagined I would. And as it ends, I look forward to the next with the prayer for “immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine” in the coming days.

The first of these days will be my time in Australia! In just a couple of short weeks I begin my first opportunity to follow God’s calling in Brisbane. The beginning of this trip, in fitting with this season of life, is full of unknowns. Quite literally, a foreign experience. Nevertheless:

“Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home.”


Fundraising Update: As of today (June 17th), I am still in need of $2,012 before I leave for Aussie! Your prayers for provision and your financial support will mean the world to me as I close in on my departure. For more information, click here. I am overwhelmingly thankful for all of the support I have and will receive!

Don’t Get Swallowed by The Big Fish

If I’m being completely candid, there are days when I don’t want to go to Australia. There are days when I allow my doubt to overtake my faith. Many times when I think about how much easier and how much safer it would be to stay on this continent and graduate with a job in marketing or public relations. Something wise and in my control. My mind would spin less if I could give it the peace of knowing that I’ll have security for the next year.

It’s not that I don’t believe God’s calling me, because I do. I felt strong conviction of the obedience being asked of me when I committed to this trip last November. It’s just simply that I don’t wanna go. Thankfully, I’m not the only one who feels this way. God gently reminded me of a friend from the Old Testament, you can probably guess who? You got it, Jonah.

A Modern Day Nineveh

 While in Australia, I’ll be working with a University in the coastal city of Brisbane. Brizzie is known for it’s nightlife and distaste for faith. It is comparable to the kind of behavior that God was referencing in the first chapter of Jonah. Just as God was commanding Jonah to go to Nineveh to preach against godlessness, he also commands us to go to these modern day comparables.

Modern Australian city at night

But Jonah doesn’t want to go, and so he runs. And I can understand why he does. Going is the hard route. But Jonah’s disobedience is teaching me a lesson. By running, Jonah wreaks havoc on an entire ship of people. They try to right his wrongs for him, but God’s purposes prevail and they are forced to throw Jonah overboard. Our disobedience does not only have a cost for ourselves, but for others as well. God’s judgment comes and in his mercy he saves Jonah from certain death in the storms of the ocean by providing him the belly of a fish. While inside of the fish, Jonah prays the prayer of my heart today.

“Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God’s love for them. But I, with shouts of grateful praise will sacrifice to you. What I have vowed I will make good. I will say ‘Salvation comes from the Lord.’”

 Jonah 2:8-10

As you know, eventually the Lord had the fish spit Jonah out to safety. And now that Jonah has had his traumatic experience, he decides to go. Personally, I think I’ve decided I’ll just skip the “get swallowed by a giant fish” part and choose obedience. As hard as it may be at times, and as much doubt may creep in, I will learn from the mistakes of others before me and choose to trust that God’s plan is better than my own.

Sometimes Obedience Leads to Results

So Jonah went, and his obedience produced fruit. When Jonah preaches, the Ninevites repent! An entire city of people turn from their ways and beg God to relent and have compassion. I could only dream of such a response in my ministry! Even one repentant believer would be worth the trip. This is not always the case, and sometimes we must go with the mentality of “planting seeds” for future fruit. But some days, God moves and moves big. My prayer is for “immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine.”

I have my days. Days when I want to throw a fit, call it quits and run away to my own plans that make me feel in control like Jonah did. I want to care for myself more than the continent of people that don’t know the Lord. I doubt my being there will make a difference.

But then I realize that it was never Jonah that saved those people. And it will never be me that saves the Australians. But God. God can change hundreds of hearts in a day. It could be through his sending that one person, or even 10 people, come to know Christ. And so we listen, we be obedient, and we go.

What is it that God is calling you to? Not all of us are called to missions, but God speaks to all areas of life. Obedience is not optional. After all, you might just get swallowed by the big fish.

headed to Brizzie

Road to Australia

hello mates,

It’s been a while! And I have to admit, I google-d Australian slang for the title of this post. Clearly I’m a bit rusty in my blogging, but coming back strong? Nonetheless, here I am writing again to tell each of you about where I’m headed- Brisbane, Australia.

How did I get here?

Many of you know that I’m in my last semester of college at Samford University. Graduation has been looming for a while, which naturally leads to the questions “what’s next?” Through a long string of events (I’ll save that for another post), I very prayerfully and very anxiously accepted an offer to join a team going to Brisbane, Australia for 5 weeks!

I’ve been involved with a ministry at Samford called Campus Outreach for most of my college career. I’ve been mentored and led by a couple of wonderful women who are now dear friends, as well as led a group of younger college girls in Bible Study. Campus Outreach hosts many ministry opportunities throughout the year, and one of their programs is called Cross Cultural Project. CCP is an opportunity for students to spend the summer learning ministry skills in another culture and country with the leadership of the CO Staff. I was approached by the Team Leader for the Australia trip and asked to participate. After weeks of prayer and consideration, I accepted!

I can’t get there alone!

For the past few months I have been putting together what Campus Outreach calls a “support team.” But I still have a far way to go. The role of the support team is to act as a partner with me and my team as we head overseas. Financials are important, of course. And if you feel called to partner with me in that way, then I will be so very thankful. You can find out more information about how to do that here.

However, prayer is the resource I desire most. I cannot do this alone. And I need God’s help, as well as the emotional and spiritual encouragement of others in my community! I know that He has given me each of you for a reason. And I’m overwhelmed and excited to partner with all who are interested, as I know I need all the help I can get! I ask that each of you will prayerfully consider adding me and my team to your prayer lists, as well as consider the possibility of financially supporting me.

I’m excited about all of my future endeavors and I can’t wait to let you know more! For now I just wanted to introduce you to where God’s leading me. Thank you for the support you’ve already shown me by reading. I can’t thank you enough!

XO Rachel

Where is H O M E?

{Jenna's Journey}


I vividly remember a conversation with a few Pine Cove camp friends Krista and Meredith at the good ole laundramat one Saturday deep in the heart of Texas last July. I was in the midst of reading “Kisses for Katie” and remember discussing this one quote that was dear to each of us in a different way. It has a special meaning, especially when you feel far from home.

“My heart lives in so many different places. With so many people. But God whispers to me that I really have only one Home, and that is WITH HIM. I will never be content on this earth. I will always be a nomad. It was meant to be that way. My heart was created with a desire for home, a rest, a sanctuary, and that can be found only with Him in Heaven. And I will continue bouncing from one home…

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Finishing the Race.

If you haven’t heard, I am safely back in the States! This post is a little delayed, just from life! Many times posting gets pushed to the back burner. But nonetheless, it’s midnight and what better time to catch up on blogging?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll fill in the blog with posts about my time in Guatemala. There’s many drafts and untold stories that I never shared while I was there, but that I will eventually get to! But for now a little conclusion about the trip.

My time in Guatemala was life-changing, heart-changing, and wonderful. I have never felt so centered in on God’s will. I had a peace and joy the entire time that I was exactly where I needed to be. What a blessing to be able to experience that feeling! Serving the Lord in this way was such an amazing opportunity. I am so thankful.


Before I left for my trip, my best friend Maddison arranged a letter for me to read every day I was there. God spoke through her on many occasions in the letters. On the last day, it was loud and clear! And exactly what I needed to hear. Here is a snippet of what she wrote:

I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me- the task of testifying the gospel of God’s grace.”

Acts 20:24

Our life as Christians is full of many different races all coming together in our task for life- to testify the gospel of God’s grace. You my friend are finishing one of many races… You can trust and believe that though this race is over, your life task is far from over!

If I’m being honest, when we were preparing to leave Guatemala I was miserable. How could I walk away from everything I had seen? The relationships I had formed? The people I had bonded with and loved? That feeling of perfect peace? The knowledge that I was serving the Lord and serving Him well? The goodbyes we had to say were some of the hardest I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t go back home to life as normal. I wasn’t the same person, my heart is changed.

But Maddison’s words gave me comfort and hope. I’m only beginning my race, it’s nowhere close to being over. My month in Guatemala ended, but the work that God is doing in me and in that country did not. There is much more yet to be done! And I feel confident that my race will lead me back to Guatemala one day, hopefully soon!

This trip has truly taught me what our purpose as Christians is- to testify the gospel of grace. I can’t imagine a more joyful or perfect task for my life! My sole purpose, in everything I do, is to display the light of God here on earth. I don’t know how it took me so long to learn this, but it is a life changing truth. And I am thankful for the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ, carrying out this task.

Thank you all for supporting, following and praying with me. Lives were changed, and huge movements made for the Kingdom of God. I could not have done it without all of the support and prayer. Thank you for playing a part!


Be sure to subscribe for follow ups on the life changing experiences I had and the beautiful people I encountered. There are some stories you won’t want to miss! 🙂 Also please continue to pray over the lives and hearts of the people of Guatemala. Your prayers are working!

A favor…

Hola Amigos!

Today I’m writing to request prayer. One of the most valuable and life changing lessons I’ve learned in this experience is the importance of communication with God! Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed at the thought of all of the things I want to pray over. There is so much need here. There are so many people, so many thoughts, my heart is full of anguish for these people, but also joy and hope that is present through Jesus. I know that I cannot come anywhere close to fixing the pain and brokenness that exists here, so all I know to do is pray. And ask God to move and work in this country.

So here is my request. I’m going to list some requests and even some specific people that are on my heart. Some of this will be long (I know, not a good blogging technique, lo siento;). So what I’m asking is that you choose one or two requests, and try to commit to praying for that bullet as often as you think of it! I will probably do this again at the conclusion of my trip as well. Prayer is so powerful. It took me so long to learn this, but it is so true. My human body, mind, and heart are not capable of accomplishing anything on my own, and therefore I turn to God.

  • Pray for the words and work my team and I are sending out everyday. Pray Isaiah 55:11 over us; that God’s word will reach His people and that we will be instruments for the purpose He desires to accomplish.
  • Pray for Celeste, Liss, and Joseline. These are three precious girls that we get the joy of living with here in Guatemala. Pray for our relationships with them and their relationship with the Lord. Pray healing over their hearts and joy in their futures. Thank God for their generosity and the blessing it is to know them!
  • Pray for Sally. A precious girl who just left us yesterday to return to her home in Helapa, Guatemala. Her time staying with us was not long enough! Please earnestly pray over this sweet child. Pray that the Lord’s presence and protection will surround her always. Pray for God’s provision for her and her family. Pray that she will find a way to get an education and be able to work hard for a better future. Pray for the hearts of her family. Pray the the love of Jesus enters her home. Pray that God will reveal Himself to her like never before. Pray that she will learn of God’s character: His grace and forgiveness and His plan for her future. Pray healing over her and peace.
  • Pray for another friend, Susy. We wish we got to see her more often! She is Sally’s sister. The weekend we first met her was the first time she had seen her sister in over 7 years. Pray for healing over her as well, and peace in her family and relationships. Thank God for the joy she has and her beautiful spirit. Pray for provision and a prosperous future for her. Pray that her relationship with God will grow and that her life will forever be changed by His presence.
  • Pray for the NGO (non-governmental org) staff that we are working with at Buckner, as well as all of our wonderful friends/translators. Praise God for the hearts of these people! Thank you Jesus for their willingness to serve and love! Pray over them as well! Pray that they will not grow weary of running the race. We are here for one month of our summer, such a short time, yet we are already feeling the effects of physical and emotional exhaustion. These beautiful people are here everyday. This is not a ‘trip’ for them, it is life. And they are doing remarkable things for the Kingdom of God. They are transforming communities and changing lives. Their work is so hard, but so incredible. Please pray for the fruit of their work. Pray for energy and encouragement for them. Thank God for their presence here. And pray blessings over their lives.
  • Pray for the San Jose Pinula, Jocotenango, and El Cerrito communities. There is inconceivable need here. There is a never ending list. In fact, I can’t describe it or relay it to you. Words on a blog are not enough to express the lives and hearts of these people. Please pray over them what the Lord lays on your heart. Pray for their poverty. Pray for their pain. Pray for their loss, abandonment, hopelessness, and need. Pray for the parents and pray for their children. Pray for wisdom and guidance. Pray for their spiritual and emotional deficiencies. Please pray that they come to know Christ for who He actually is and love He really gives. Pray truth into their lives. There is so much more I can’t even put into words, so just pray as you feel led. Pray for a better future.
  • Pray for a woman I will never forget (and her family). I want to tell you her story later, when I have more time and space. But she is a single mother, abandoned by her husband. She is a mother of 6 and the only one earning money for the household. Q300 per month, thats $38 for 7 people. They don’t even have enough money to feed themselves. Also for another family, 6 children plus the parents. Right now they have no income. They all live in a one room house, and one of the children has a health problem that needs to be attended too. Pray for guidance as I work with the social workers to find ways to provide for these families in small ways.
  • Pray for the man I sat next to in church on Sunday. Weird, I know. But I just feel the need to pray for him. I don’t know his name, or anything about him really. I do know that he is a dad, and that his own parents have passed away. I know that this Sunday he came to church alone, and that he was very appreciative of the hugs I was happy to give. I don’t know his story, or his needs. But I know he is a child of God and he was placed in my path for a reason!

Please, please, please join me in covering this country and these people in prayer! I wish I could convey how needed and appreciated it is for you to simply lift up your words and open your heart to what God wants to do with it all! It is very cloudy for me to see the purpose of some of this brokenness, but the beautiful thing is that I don’t need to understand. I just need to turn to Jesus and ask for his help, just as I’m asking for yours. So please join me in believing God will change these lives. Have tremendous faith that these prayers can alter the future of generations. Thank God for what we know He will accomplish here. Have great faith.

“Now to Him, who is able to do immeasurable more than all we can ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus, throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”    -Ephesians 3:20-21

Will you join me in praying for these people of God?

A City on a Hill

This is a post written by Scott Smith, the afternoon DJ for K-Love radio station (The Scott and Kelly show). We just said goodbye to him and the rest of the Shoes for Orphan Souls trip that joined us this past week! He has written about El Cerrito, one of the Community Transformation Centers we work with here in Guatemala. El Cerrito is a difficult area because it is particularly impoverished and the people here seem to be a little more rough. This is where my team and I will working for the next week! Please pray for the hearts of these people, that they will be softened and have open arms to the love of Christ and the provision and grace that comes alongside a relationship with Him. 


Here’s what Scott has to say:

For most of us reading this, it would hard to imagine keeping a family afloat for $260 a month, yet that is exactly what the average family of 6 survives on in the village of “El Cerrito”.  As if that weren’t difficult enough the community is plagued by violence, and sits under the bridge that sadly has become Guatemala’s most popular suicide destination… Just reading this probably has you feeling a bit more depressed than when you started, imagine waking up to this reality everyday.  So what do you do?  Should you allow hopelessness to immobilize us?  Of course not, but how often do we?  How often to we try to insulate ourselves from others hopelessness, so that we don’t have to be bothered?
In the Bible, Jesus gave us the distinct privilege of being the ones who take His light to the World, but how often is it that sharing that light is the last thing on our minds?  Jesus said the “you” are a city set upon a hill, a light to all the World, a light that should not be hidden.  Seeing El Cerrito and the families living there is a reminder that people need what you have to give…HOPE!  More than just the shoes that we gave the children yesterday, we endeavored to leave them with a message of hope; all week long we have been sharing the story of Queen Esther, and reminding the kids that no matter where they are, or what circumstances they face, God has a plan for them, that “He has created them for such a time as this” to be used by God.  In fact, God used the children of El Cerrito yesterday, to show us that hope thrives regardless of our circumstances.  We came to encourage them, yet it was God reminding us that life isn’t about a pay check, or the size of our house, but the size of our heart.  They were filled with such love, not only for God, but for one other.

As Christians, we are to embrace the ideals of “faith”, “hope” and “charity”, so often we do quite well with faith and charity, but we struggle with bringing hope, and yet it can be the thing that most often is the catalyst for change in someone’s live.  Hope can be a hard thing to grasp because it must be practiced through the virtue of patience, which continues to do good even in the face of apparent failure, and through the virtue of humility, which trusts God even in times of darkness.  Often times we must be reminded of the promise of Hebrews 6:19,

“We who have run for our very lives to God have every reason to grab the promised hope with both hands and never let go. It’s an unbreakable spiritual lifeline, reaching past all appearances right to the very presence of God!” 

When you cling to that hope, you can offer that hope to someone else in need, and before you think it takes going to a place like El Cerrito, think again.  Hopelessness isn’t a condition of socioeconomics, it is a condition of the heart.  There are people that you know, that need the hope that you have, in Christ, so share it!

You can find the rest of Scott’s posts and his other thoughts here:


It was such a joy to have the privilege of working with Scott and the rest of their trip this past week! We so appreciate them and everything they have contributed to the people here. We are thankful to know that there are others who share our heart for these people and this country, and who are working to make a difference for the kingdom of God! Thank you, Jesus, for these people!

Home is where the heart is.

We’ve heard this phrase time after time. Everyone knows it. We think of home and certain things come to mind. It’s different for everyone, but for me its things like family, love, comfort, and familiarity. But what about the people who don’t have a home. The kids who have never known family, or even love. Not only are they “houseless”, meaning they don’t have the four walls or comfy bed, but they are truly without family or community. What about the orphans?

“We learned that orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes…”

– David Platt, “Radical”

This week has been very unique to our experience in several ways. There is a short-term mission trip here from K-Love radio station in the states! Two of the DJs, as well as two Christian artists (Mike from Mikeschair, and his wife Molly from City Harbor) and then several listeners of the station are all here for a shoe trip! There are 29 of them total. Having  them here has been so special and has taught us so much! Because of them (Jesus working through them), we have been able to distribute hundreds (hundreds) of shoes! There is so much joy in this service. We get the privilege of washing each person’s feet, giving them socks, and putting their shoes on for them. [Luke 13:12-17]


Three days this week were spent in a local orphanage. Unfortunately, I hate to say that the conditions here are very poor. It felt more like a prison than a place to call home. The brokenness here was overwhelming and everyday brought tears for our team. I will never forget many of these faces. One of the hardest things to learn about these children, is that many of them have families outside of those walls. They know them, and love them. Sometimes their family members even visit them. But most of them know what abandonment feels like. They have been told they are not wanted, not worthy of love. They have to imagine a life outside the concrete walls and barbed wire, and know that it is unobtainable for them. Adoption is not even an option; it must feel very hopeless to them. The orphanage is severely understaffed. They experience day after day with no hugs, no encouragement, no love.


Those kids need Jesus. They need to understand that there is hope, and this world is not our home. We are strangers of this earth. Our heart belongs to Jesus, and that is where we will find our home. They need to know that God is the father that does not abandon. He goes before us and walks alongside us. That is where we experience love. Thank you God.

For here we do not have an enduring city, but we are looking for the city that is to come.” Hebrews 13:14

“Their mind is set on earthly things. But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.”   Philippians 3:19-20

In Jesus name we were able to go to this orphanage and show them love. For a few hours they could have as many hugs as they wanted. For a little while the boy who cried in my arms had someone who cared, someone to hold him, to tell him its okay. Who knows how long its been since he’s had that. If I accomplished nothing else the entire time I’m here, it would be worth it. We also need to understand that we do not belong here. As Christians we have to know that the suffering will end, and there will be a day when that little boy will have eternal happiness and experience unconditional love.

You can (and have) helped make sure he knows about the love of Christ.

“Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Provide purses for yourselves that will not wear out, a treasure in heaven that will never fail, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Luke 12:33-34

Please pray for the health of our team for the remainder of our time here. Each of us are experiencing a variety of health issues 😦 One of our team members in particular could use prayer for the stomach virus she is battling. Also pray for what we think may be a pinched nerve in my lower back. Your prayers for healing have already drastically improved my back pain. The Lord is listening! Thank you so much for your prayer!